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Our Story

we at Bakhaty have taken it upon ourselves to cater to the widest possible range of clients, taking up residential and commercial projects. What started off as one man’s passion for architecture, soon evolved into a concept-driven organization that brings together a solid understanding of the art of architecture, and the on-ground ability to bring projects to life. So far we have proudly worked on over 350 unique projects that include but are not limited to private residents, residential compounds, and even mixed use developments.

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Our Services

Urban Designs & Planning

Don’t be afraid to go big, because we’re ready to go along. Whether it’s a compound, a neighbourhood, or even an entire city, our team of professionals is ready to map it out for you.

Urban Landscape

This is where the line between art and architecture becomes so fine; it’s the art of bringing out the natural beauty of your space while enhancing its functionality.

Architecture Design

Our team works with you on defining the purpose of your project and its core outlines, which leads later to setting a concept and developing your design accordingly.

Construction Management

Our team handles all the construction related tasks. That includes selecting, commissioning, and managing workers, contractors, and suppliers.

Interior Design Consultancy

We don’t stop at what your project looks like on the outside. Our team is ready to provide you with smart interior design solutions that make the best use out of your space.

Project Management

Architectural projects can be a hassle. A hassle that our team is well trained to handle. Leave all the logistics to us from the moment we take up the project to the final stage where we hand it over to you.

Real Estate Development

From renovating and re-leasing currently existing projects, to developing raw spaces of land into full fledged real estate developments, Bakhaty is always ready to orchestrate the process of development from a to z.

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